Services overview

Leaders use our services for:

  • Strategic planning and transition
  • Leadership development
  • Team collaboration
  • Staff commitment


Explore our range of concepts for individual or organizational support. We offer solutions to meet all our clients’ needs. Each package is based on a context of intervention and is adapted to your situation:

  • Team synergy and effectiveness
  • Group coaching – Action based learning
  • Individual coaching plan
  • Change of culture Program
  • Online support coaching for managers


Our sources of inspiration are timeless, international and diverse, from leaders to philosophers and scientists.

Here are but a few of these luminaries:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Rumi
  • Jim Collins
  • Otto Scharmer
  • Ken Wilber
  • Bruce H. Lipton
  • Dr Donald Epstein
  • Wendy Palmer
  • Tony Shwartz
  • Pema Chödron
  • Dale Carnegie

Individual development

Increase your satisfaction, sense of empowerment and productivity at work by investing in a coaching relationship

Our goal: Help leaders meet their objectives more easily.

A good coaching program strives for increased self-awareness, ongoing learning, reaching goals and obtaining results that are sustainable over the long term.

You will benefit from coaching if you want to

  • Reach an important goal
  • Develop a particular skill
  • Find new solutions for difficult and complex challenges
  • Lower your stress and have more energy in your day

What is our approach to coaching?

We put forward a comprehensive development approach, given that it is based on a strong methodology that allows for the improvement of skills that sustain the test of time.

Leaders discover their sources of profound motivation and are more mindful of their personalities in all aspects of life. This comprehensive understanding allows them to build onto a set of skills in order to face current and future life challenges with more ease and clarity.

“Coaching that is focused on broad development allows clients to reach sustainable results. Ask someone who has experienced it!”

Team development

Develop healthy and effective teams through action-based learning

Our goal: Help teams improve their performance while also developing their skills and contributions.

In guiding a team, we use coaching group (coaching circles) to target ongoing peer- and action-based development.

During these meetings, each participant is called to speak and explore their project. The circles help participants reach a greater awareness while examining the different aspects and courses of actions for to their project. At the end of each meeting, participants commit to an action geared towards the realization of their project.

Participants help each other so that everyone succeeds and the organization’s projects move forward. This is a powerful group approach for developing collaboration, team spirit and the feeling of taking part in something bigger than oneself.

Customized workshops

We offer customized workshops to awaken your organization’s ability to change:

  • Organizational Energy: The Best Kept Secret
  • Discover Five Natural Intelligences at Your Service
  • What Is the Future of HR? A New Balance between HR Process “Management” and “Leadership” of Human Potential

Example of a strategic brainstorming workshop reserved for HR:

  • What is the future of the HR function?


Develop leaders at every level of your organization with cutting-edge training

Our goal: Develop skilled leaders and committed and effective teams.

Our workshops develop participants’ evolutionary leadership skills.

Our workshops are based on powerful new concepts in transformation that set us apart and make our approach truly innovative in the business world. They include:

  • Energy and organizational intelligences (Epstein Technologies)
  • Integral evolution of organizational awareness (based on Ken Wilber’s integral approach)