Founder – Hamilton Leadership 360

Hélène Hamilton - À propos

Hélène Hamilton is a leadership development consultant.

Hélène developed the culture of evolution concept after working for more than 25 years in active and unstable organizational environments (mergers, turnarounds, threats of closure, conflict, rapid expansion, etc.). Her background shaped her resiliency and facility in working with resistance within systems. She has designed a model of healthy work environments and HR strategies that have proved their worth in organizational performance and staff commitment.

Her specialty: transforming the energy of resistance to change in the workplace into the fuel that eases adaptation and innovation and increases well-being in the workplace.

Her approach focuses on developing leaders’ and individuals’ ability to reach their potential by expressing their natural talents within their organizations.


Partnership and collaboration

We work with selected partners to deliver top-quality services to our clients.

We have a team of coaches and consultants available. We choose are collaborators according to criteria consistent with our interventions in organizational settings across Canada.

We offer a turnkey service: a single provider, large range and diversity of talents and a solution that meets your needs .


Our clients : Leaders making evolution happen

Our clientele consists of business leaders and managers that want to make a difference where they are. We are particularly active in the public sector because there is such a great need for transformation and collaboration at this moment and time. It is through shared leadership and collective sharing that intelligent and innovative transformation takes place.

It is with pride that we introduce our clients from the public sector, at the federal, provincial, and municipal level as well as community organizations.