Should you optimize or create something new?

Organizations and leaders spend too much energy trying to adapt past solutions to today’s challenges.

During the past 20 years, we have developed great capabilities to optimize our processes, as well as our products.

The complexity and rapid changes of our societies call for a new approach in resolving problems.

Human potential

We believe the best solutions are found by tapping into the human potential already present in an organization.

To bring out this human potential, we use Ken Wilber’s integral development approach. We also draw inspiration from authors whose work resonates with the integral evolution model. Among these is Dr. Donald Epstein, with whom we work closely on the international level under the Epstein Technologies banner.

New balance ahead

The key to organizational success is to find a new balance between the resources allocated to optimizing past solutions and those dedicated to innovation.

Whether private, public, sports-oriented, associative or community-based, every organization must deal with this reality. To ensure healthy and sustainable development, resources must be used to promote an organization’s evolution.

Our organizational values

Our services draw on four fundamental values and two working principles.

Our key values are clarity, focus, action and flexibility. We believe that combining these values creates the conditions for people’s success and commitment to transformation.

Our key principles are sense of timing and integration.  We believe that these two principles are supported by the laws of nature, and that respecting these laws brings results that often surpass initial expectations.