Achieve better results for your organization through quality relationships and coherence within the organization

Increase the level of synergy within your organization and teams

Support leaders and teams in their quest to reach their optimal efficiency

Help organizations to evolve in this fast-paced and complex world

About us

Founder and leader of Hamilton Leadership 360

Hélène Hamilton is a certified coach and a leadership and organizational development consultant.

She has developed a concept called the ‘Culture of evolution’ based on her work experience of more than 25 years in complex and unstable organizational environments (mergers, recovery, threats of closure, conflicts, rapid growth, etc.). Her journey has shaped her resilience and her ability to operate in environments where there is resistance to change. She’s been nicknamed ‘the Architect’ of a healthy workplace framework that has proven itself with respect to organizational performance and employee engagement. 

Her specialty: stimulate the ability to change and awaken collaborations to sustain the evolution of organizations.

Our clients

Our clients are business leaders and managers who aspire to make a difference. We are particularly active in the public sector where there is such a huge need for transformation and collaboration at this moment and time to get the systems to evolve.

We are proud to feature our clients from the public sector, at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels as well as community organizations that have given us their trust to assist them on their journey of transformation 

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Partnership and collaboration

Hamilton Leadership 360 works in collaboration with a choice of partners to deliver top-quality services to our clients.

All the collaborators, coaches and consultants we work with are chosen to ensure consistency with our clients’ journeys.

We offer a turnkey service: a single supplier and a solution that meets your needs.

Hélène Hamilton offers coaching services to an international clientele in collaboration with Bloom.

Our values: Clarity, alignment, flexibility and action
Our mission

Our goal

Help organizations to evolve in this fast-paced and complex world.

Our mission

Support leaders and teams in their quest to reach their optimal efficiency

Our promise

Increase the level of synergy within your organization and teams

Achieve better results for your organization through quality relationships and coherence within the organization

Organizational transformation

Develop a culture within your organization that will ensure its evolution in a sustainable way.

We approach transformation by building a ‘Culture of evolution’ that taps into the human potential already present in your organization.

Helene’s approach is based on five-steps that enable the integration of different types of intelligence that serve the evolution of your organization but that are typically under-utilized.

We invite you to live the experience of transformative energy that will serve to power your organization towards a healthy and sustainable evolution.

Our vision

Optimize or innovate?

Over the past 30 years, we have gained a great capacity to develop and optimize our processes and our services. Right now, we’re still putting a lot of energy into adapting yesterday’s solutions to today’s challenges.

However, the complexity and rapid changes in our societies call for a new approach to meet the challenges: beyond optimizing, it is now a question of shaping the culture into one that enables transformation and evolution in an easier fashion.

Human potential

The support we offer is based on our belief that the best solution to innovate already exists within the organization and is called human potential. To unlock this human potential for innovation and the ability to adapt quickly, we believe in the power of leadership and the culture of the organization.

Towards a new balance

The key to success for an organization is to find a balance between the resources allocated that are typically used to optimize solutions and resources that are deployed to innovate and create a new way of being that will meet the evolving needs of customers.

In order to successfully continue its work, all organizations, whether private, public, sports, association or community based, must put its attention and deploy its resources on its mission (what is important) and on its evolution (its development).

Our values

Our approach and our interventions are based on four fundamental values and on two principles or intervention.

Our values are: clarity, alignment, flexibility and action.

We believe that when these values are combined, the conditions for success and employee engagement are also there.

The two principles we base our interventions are: a sense of “timing” and integration.

We believe that these two principles are supported by natural laws and that compliance with these laws will bring results that often exceed initial expectations.

Our clients
Office des transports du Canada
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Canada Revenue Agency
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Our services

We support organizations by stimulating leadership and activating multiple types of intelligence that serve to enable a healthy evolution of the environment and of the people.

Customers call upon us in contexts such as:

  • Leadership development
  • Strategic shift
  • Team building
  • Change in organizational culture

Contact us to explore our offer of services and how it could meet your needs:

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Team coaching and team building
  • Organizational support


Our sources of inspiration are timeless and diverse. We are inspired by the work of authors who combine the model of integral evolution and the development of consciousness.

Here are but a few examples:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Robert Kegan
  • Peter Senge
  • Ken Wilber
  • Otto Scharmer
  • Bruce H. Lipton
  • Donald Epstein
  • Wendy Palmer

Development of the full potential of leaders

Increase your satisfaction, your personal empowerment and your work performance by investing in a coaching relationship.

Our goal: Help leaders meet their full potential with more energy and efficiency

Coaching provides a suitable space for the client to envision more possibilities for action to achieve results. A coach offers a plan, tools and proposes ways to catalyze the client’s efforts to develop skills and behaviors that have a strategic impact.

A good coaching program leads to a better understanding of one-self, continuous learning, achieving specific goals as well as long-term sustainable results.

In concrete terms, you can benefit from coaching if:

  • You want to reach an important goal or get better results
  • You want to develop management and interpersonal skills
  • You want to reduce your stress and have more energy every day
  • You are faced with difficult and complex issues to manage and aim to develop greater personal skills to deal with these challenges efficiently.

What coaching approach do we use?

We offer a comprehensive, innovative and accessible psychometric assessment through the use of the Nova Profile™

We recommend the use of the integral development approach which is based on a powerful methodology the enables skills improvement in a sustained way over time.

Our clients thus discover what are their behavioral preferences, their natural skills as well as their personal motivations. This comprehensive understanding allows our clients to build on a their own skill set and develop strategies accordingly to face current and future challenges in their life with greater ease and clarity.

Development of the full potential of the teams

Discover ways to develop collaborative, committed and effective teams through self-knowledge and by using the strengths and motivations already exist within your teams.

Our goal: Help teams improve their performance as they fulfill organizational projects with a stimulating sense of contribution and personal satisfaction.

We are certified in delivering two very powerful approaches that lead to creating collaborative and creative teams. We develop a greater synergy within the team by introducing a common and simple language which sheds light on the natural strengths of the team, and this, thanks to the most complete psychometric tool currently on the market in its category, the Nova Profile™.

We also promote learning through action by using the Coaching Circles™ tools which leads to sustained development by peers, in order to achieve the results that the team aspires to and which are in coherence with the organizational vision.

It is a very powerful group coaching approach that generates collaboration, mutual trust, creativity and the sense of pride that comes from being part of the whole that has lead to the of the achievement of the vision and results put forth by the organization.

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